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Hello All, 

And hello, Fall! Wow! Where does the time go? I am finally catching my breath after a fantastic summer full of travel, work, and many wonderful celebrations with friends. I recently visited Chicago for a wedding and was able to stop by the National Association of REALTORS® Headquarters while I was there.  It was great to get an inside peek at an organization I admire - one that is truly dedicated to helping its members become more profitable and successful. 

I'm thrilled to be back in New Haven for another unbelievable East Coast autumn. The leaves this year have been absolutely spectacular and listing clients have been busy capturing images of their homes in their extra warm and vibrant settings. Aside from taking advantage of Connecticut's gorgeous foliage, I'm also urging clients who have been on the fence to invest in infrastructure updates, staging, and curb appeal as the median list price in New Haven went up 2% from October to November, and will likely keep increasing. 

On a personal note, I'd like to share that I am feeling especially grateful this season. On September 25th, I woke up to a startling, early-morning call from my Mom. I answered but could only hear a seatbelt alarm beeping on the other end. Suddenly, I could hear loud emergency vehicles in the background before the call dropped! After experiencing pure panic as I attempted to reach my mom, I finally connected with her another witness who confirmed that my mom was in a terrible accident but that she had survived. I then spoke to a first responder, who assured me that my mom was going to be ok but was heading to the hospital for examination. I am happy to report that my mom has made a full recovery and my parents were even able to visit me in New Haven last month. 

Please let this be a reminder to you to hold those whom you love close and to always count your blessings. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I am forever grateful for your friendship and business. 





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