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Located adjacent to the gorgeous gothic architecture of Yale University's Old Campus, downtown New Haven boasts incredible restaurants, boutique shopping, and a plethora of cultural activities and museums. This walkable neighborhood is full of vibrant, diverse, and academic energy. 





On the opposite end of the city, the West Rock neighborhood includes part of West Rock Ridge State Park and the campus of Southern Connecticut State University. A quiet neighborhood surrounded by state forest, West Rock is home to many professionals and families. 



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Located directly north of downtown, Science Hill is a precinct of the Yale University campus primarily devoted to physical and biological sciences. It is located in the Prospect Hill neighborhood of New Haven. The neighborhood contains residences, institutional buildings of Albertus Magnus University and a portion of the main campus of Yale University, the Hillhouse Avenue area and the Yale Peabody Museum.




Named after East Rock, a prominent traprock ridge featuring a beautiful park and scenic overlook, the East Rock neighborhood is home to a large group of Yale students, staff, and faculty, as well as many young professionals and families. With a variety of restaurants, Italian markets, and beautiful historic architecture, this centrally located neighborhood is one of the most popular in the city.  




Centered on a rectangular park named in honor of General David Wooster, the area was developed as a residential neighborhood beginning in the 1820s. In the 1950s, the area was the subject of a major community-led preservation effort that drew national attention and helped maintain the historic architecture of the neighborhoods spectacular homes. With a weekly farmers market and located adjacent to the famous Frank Pepe's and Sally's pizza restaurants, this neighborhood is full of character and energy.  



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The Westville neighborhood is consistently ranked as one of the best neighborhoods to live in New Haven due to its high home values, low crime rates, walkable streets, proximity to downtown, and local amenities. The commercial area of Westville was once known for its antique stores that lined the streets. As those businesses close, the storefronts are now home to many artists galleries, hair salons, and cafes. Being home to 3 popular breakfast spots in New Haven (Bella's, Lena's, Manjare's) the area has been dubbed by locals as "Brunchville" on the weekends.


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